Dale Huff

Dale and Diane Huff live in Searcy, Arkansas.  Dale has served as a gospel preacher for more than 40 years.  Dale served as CBT director for the second and fifth classes, and lived in Haiti for two years.  Dale’s sons Philip and Jimmy are also HCF board members.

A Message from Dale:

     Conscientious Christians are always looking for good works to support in the Kingdom.  Thankfully, there are many out there.  If you have been blessed by God and are looking for a good work that you can help, I hope you will take a serious look at the Center for Biblical Training in Cap Haitien, Haiti.  This is a ministry training program that is now led by Haitians and is focused on mentoring men to be servant evangelists in the country of Haiti.  In its 20th year of operation, the training center is now working with its seventh group of men.  Haitian preachers along with help from Americans, mentor, train, teach and model servant evangelism to each class for three years.  The goal is to train men who will be able to evangelize, plant churches and then help them mature in Christ.  Men who graduate from the program are training other men.  This has always been our goal and prayer.

In this 20th year of operation, there are many exciting things going on.  Churches continue to be planted in Haiti.  The seventh class evangelizes every Wednesday afternoon, often in an area where a new church has been planted.  Our Haitian directors help the men work through the challenges and issues of planting and maturing churches in Haiti through the three years of their program.  On the weekend, the men go out to different churches to preach and teach, again furthering their experience in helping people to become Christians and mature in Christ. There are many challenges and problems that Haiti faces as a country, but one of the good things to report is that the Kingdom of God is growing in a mighty and real way in Haiti!  If you would like to be a part of that growth through monetary support, we promise you that your money will be used in a frugal and responsible way.  All of the Americans who travel to Haiti to work with the school pay their own way and receive nothing for their work.  We hope you will consider this good work as you seek to be faithful in your use of the blessings God has given to you.

Dale Huff

Chairman, Haitian Christian Foundation