Guidelines for Visitors to the CBTBrycen and CBT students
We welcome visitors at the CBT.  We believe the best way to appreciate the work of the Lord in Haiti is to participate in it personally.  Visiting Haiti is a life-changing experience that we are eager to share.  The Center for Biblical Training is a preacher-training school, but we are happy to provide facilities for visiting individual or groups.  To help your trip go smoothly, please read the information below carefully.

Rules for Staying at the CBT
Because our primary mission is the preacher-training school, we ask that you respect these rules:

  • Fonrose, Richard, and Jackie are the Haitian Directors of the school. While in Haiti, contact them if you have questions, need assistance or need to change plans.
  • To maintain the security of our campus, we restrict outside visitors. Visiting hours are posted at the gate.  If you expect visitors, please let the gate guard know their names.  If unexpected visitors arrive during visiting hours, the guard will ask you if you would like to see them and, if so, you will interview them at the gate.  Please do not allow visitors in your dormitories.
  • Electricity is provided by a generator at night and solar panels during the day.  Please turn off fans and lights when not in use.  Do not use heat-producing appliances (e.g. hair dryers, irons) unless the generator is running.  Before you leave, please turn off all lights and fans.  Leave your linens in a pile.

$20 US per person per night to stay at the school.  This includes drinks, one meal and paying the laundry and cleaning ladies.
$50 US per day for the truck plus you pay for the fuel.

Send a check 8 weeks in advance to our Abilene office.

Note:  Haiti now requires an exit tax of $60 US in cash at the airport on departure. (September 2014 note:  this month, they have begun requiring a $10 entrance fee.)

Click here for more information about visiting the CBT.