Seventh Class

The Seventh class of the Center for Biblical Training

Students and DirectorsThe seventh class of the Center for Biblical Training began their three years of training in February of 2016 and will graduate in December 2018.

Alsisus Fisnell11bFrisnel Alsius, Cardinot Church of Christ

27 years old, unmarried.  He is a primary-school teacher.  He was raised in Bahon.  He became a Christian in the year 2000 when,  CBT graduate Jocelin Mompremier studied with him. He understood about the church and accepted Christ.  At Cardinot, he preaches and leads singing. He is the president of the youth.

“I want to increase my Bible knowledge.  There are a lot of things I didn’t know well, especially with the class about the church of Christ.”




Arold Pierre Pierre Arold, Lamolère Church of Christ

30 years old, single.  He is a mechanic.  He was raised in Katye Morin.  He became a Christian when he was 26 years old.  “I was in dominican republic with a friend. We were looking for work. In the house, some thief came in at night and cut off the head of my friend. I came back to Haiti and feared, and gave my life to God.” Baptized at 26.  At Lamoliere, he leads singing and helps with preaching and teaching.

“I want to grow up in my knowledge of the Word, so I can be a good leader for Christ.  The memorization is really challenging.  I already have more knowledge than I use to have.”



Cesar 6bJohnkelly Cesar, Port de Paix Church of Christ

22 years old, single.  He is a secondary-school teacher in math, physics and chemistry.  He became a Christian in grade twelve.   “I wanted to be valedictorian of the class.  I prayed for that and I told God if I become valedictorian, I will follow you.  I became the valedictorian, so I went to the church.  But it was not the church of Christ.  My aunt invited me to the Church of Christ.  I had a Bible study.  I saw I should go to that church, because that is what I was looking for. I was baptized in 2011.” He preaches and teaches in the Port de Paix congregation.

“I want to learn because I see that there is a lot to learn so that I can go and share with my congregation.  My challenge is to work more and to have better grades than other students.  The first thing, the students choose me to be class president.  They really work well with me.  So we can go forward.  As we build up a new family and the way we live together, we are really well.”


Donatien Raymond 3bRaymond Donatien, Duty Church of Christ

32 years old, single.  He is a tailor.  “I use to go to church since I was a little boy. Then I stopped. I started to have bad dreams and had troubles in my mind. So I started going to church. I listened to the word and it convicted me. I was baptized in 2001.”  He was vice president of the youth association at Duty. He sings in groups and teaches songs. He preaches in the afternoon services.

“I want to study really hard so that I can give the best of my abilities.  It is difficult to wake up early in the morning; I’m not used to early mornings.  Also, the memorization is challenging.  I have learned a lot of things I didn’t know. It’s great to be with these guys. I didn’t know them before CBT.”



Jean Louis 10bRodlin Jean Louis, Port de Paix

30 years old, single.  He is a teacher of algebra and geometry.  “I use to go to Nazarene Church; my cousin was a pastor in that church.  I quit going and went to another church.  They don’t practice baptism in water, they just laid hands on people.  Then the Church of Christ came to do a crusade.  I went to that crusade for 3 nights.  After talking to them, I was baptized that night. This was in 2011.”  At church, he lead singing, preaches and serves the Lord’s supper.

I want to learn more so that when I go back home I can do a good job.   There is a lot of things I didn’t know well. From the class about the Church, I understand much more about that.



Jean Renel 4bRenel Jean, Madeline Church of Christ

30 years old, single.  He grew up in Saint Louis.  He is a carpenter.   “This is the story of how I became a Christian:  There was a crusade by my house.  I didn’t want to convert.  I became sick, very sick.  I thought I was going to die.  So, I accepted Christ so that I could be saved.  I was baptized 16 years ago.”  He is a song leader at church.

“I want to learn the word of God and practice it.  The memorization work is hard sometimes.   I’m getting knowledge of the word of God.”




Joseph Belony 1bBelony Joseph, Gonaives

38 years old; his wife is Christmene.  He is a secondary-school teacher in math.

This is the story of his conversion:  The Friday before Passover, he was waiting for musical band.  Some brothers were preaching and started talking to him.  He argued with them because he was catholic, but they convinced him with their words.  He agreed to go to church with them.  He visited Gonaives Church of Christ on Sunday. He heard them preaching and heard that it was true.  He was baptized at 21 years old.  He preaches and teaches at his home congregation.

“I really want to study hard to understand the word of God more.  The memorization verses are challenging. Also, I’m challenged when I see other students that have better grades than me!  I’ve got a new family and new knowledge.”


Pierre 9bFrantz Pierre, Terrier Rouge Church of Christ

23 years old, single.  He was a part-time elementary-school teacher.  Here is the story of his conversion:  “So I went to church as a little boy. When I was in 4th grade my mother died, and I stopped going to church.  My father told me that I need to go to church.  If I didn’t, he would send me to Catholic church. Then I went to the catholic church and took first communion.  I was coming home from mass and passed by the Church of Christ.  I heard them singing.  I loved the song they were singing.  I came in the church building and sat down.  They finished the Bible study.  I understood what they said.  They asked if there were any visitors.  While they presented me as a visitor, I told the church I want to be a part of this church.  The preacher came to study with me and then I was baptized. I was baptized in 2013.”

“I want to learn.  What I learn I want to share with others.  It is challenging to wake up early in the morning and the scripture memorization.  I have already learned a lot of things I didn’t know.”


Predalien 8bHévile Predalien, Gros Morne

28 years old, single.  He was a primary-school teacher, but he changed to the business of buying and reselling merchandise.

This is the story of his conversion:  “I went to a crusade.  One preacher came from Cap Haitian.  He preached a sermon that really convinced me.  I was baptized, but it was not a good baptism.  When I came to CBT I was baptized for the right reasons.”  At Gros Morne, he leads singing and preaches sometimes in night service.

“It’s my dream to become an efficient preacher.  I want my knowledge to go deeper so that a lot of people will come to Christ through my message.  The way the teachers teach here is helpful.  The way they take care of me is good.  I find good books from the library.”


supreme 5bDiêusson Supreme, Ranquitte Church of Christ

27 years old, single.  He grew up in Garspard.  He served as a community agent for the Red Cross. Used to work in gardens.  Here is how he was converted:  His uncle was really sick.  A group of people were evangelizing.  They came by to see his uncle.  The message was preached to his uncle and he also heard.  They (he and his uncle) obeyed the gospel.  He was baptized in 2007.  At Ranquitte church,  he taught Bible classes for young people and would preach sometimes.

“I love the presence of the other students. We all enjoy unity here.  I’m under the grace of God.”




Val Joudelin 7bJoudelin Val, Ruè Lamartinier Bethel 3

26 years old, single.  He grew up in Saint Michel.  He has worked at a photo/video studio and a university, where he did office work.

This is the story of his conversion:  He was always with his sister.  He was close to his sister.  She moved to Cap Haitian. His sister came home and said she wanted to follow the Lord. She was baptized in 2005.  He was baptized in 2006

At his congregation he is president of the youth association and a song leader.

“I want to find a way to to preach the Gospel with persistence.  There is a lot to learn.  I now know more more deeply about the doctrine of Christ.”