About the Haitian Christian Foundation

Our Mission Statement:

“To prepare selected students to be servant evangelists to spread the gospel of Christ, and to minister to the needs of the Haitian people in the Spirit and likeness of Christ.”

We are American Christians who love Haiti and have years of experience serving there.

Our main project is the Center for Biblical Training, training Haitian men to be preachers. Our program combines Bible study, mentoring, and practical application in a 3-year program.   The CBT is located just outside of Cap Haitien, in northern Haiti.

Center for Biblical Training

History of the Haitian Christian Foundation

American Christians became involved in northern Haiti in the 1980’s in medical missions, orphanages, water well drilling, food distribution, and schools.  The churches grew rapidly though radio evangelism and diligent efforts by the Haitian brethren.  However, with the rapid growth of the church, it was recognized that many churches did not have biblically-sound men preaching the gospel.  The Haitian churches asked for a school to train ministers. 

In March 1993, a group of Christians with wide backgrounds and talents met together and formed the Haitian Christian Foundation.  They purchased land in December 1993 and broke ground the following spring.

For our first 3 classes, we had an on-site American director, and Fonrose Teogene was our Haitian assistant director. For the next two classes, Fonrose was joined by two more Haitian assistant directors to run day-to-day operations while our American director traveled back and forth. The Haitian Directors have assumed more responsibilities with each class. Today, Fonrose, Rodney Richard, and Evins “Jackie” Pierrot now direct the school while our American director assists and advises.

The Haitian Church has grown and matured so much since the 1990s, and the Center for Biblical Training has contributed to that. We’re so grateful to God that He has raised up faithful leaders. Our directors and instructors are some of those servants of God.

If you’d like make an impact in Haiti for the Lord, let us help you train gospel preachers.