Graduation of the 8th Class of the CBT

The 8th Class of the Center for Biblical Training graduated in August 2022, in spite of obstacles that extended their program from three years to four.

These men have faced struggles and continued their commitment to becoming more useful in the Kingdom. They’ve formed close bonds with their teachers and each other that they’ll carry into their ministries.

Here are just a few of their ministries:

  • Pulpit ministry–two of the graduates will serve as the main preacher for a large, established congregation
  • Youth ministry–one graduate has already begun a ministry to city youth in the church and on the street. His program will train them in the Bible and in vocational skills.
  • Village outreach–two graduates will serve as the main preacher for a small village congregation
  • Mission work–four graduates will be working with very young congregations in new areas in which all the members are new Christians and outreach is their main focus
  • Church planting–one graduate will work to establish a church in an unreached area

Please pray for these ten men as they put all they’ve learned into practice.

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