A Dangerous Journey

What would you be willing to do to study the Bible?

From CBT Student Bertin Victor on Saturday, January 6th

Your servant Bertin greets you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Because of the circumstances in the country, I was obliged to leave my home in Marigot at 3:00 am this morning to go to Port au Prince. (75 miles)  I arrived there about 4:00 pm.  

There were many roadblocks along the coast before Port au Prince, so I had to take a boat to bypass these.  

I spent about 3 hours on the sea.  I could not find a boat with a motor, so the one I was in could not go fast.  You want to choose a boat run by a strong young man, because many groups of men sometimes attack the boats on the sea.  There was shooting between some of these bandits and the Haitian coast guard.  Because of this our boats had to go out on the deep part of the sea.

I was obliged to get to Port au Prince today, so Monday I could leave for Cap Haitien to make it to the preaching school in time for classes Tuesday.

Pray for us.  We will continue to pray for you.  Pray for the nation.  God bless you my friends.  

Your brother and servant,

Bertin Victor

From David Dirrim:  Here’s a clip from Haiti Libre News (Same day and area where Bertin was traveling)  

Attack at Sea, Deaths and Hostage-taking Saturday January 6, 2024

“Heavily armed bandits opened fire on boats near Village Alpha.  At least 7 passengers were killed in this attack.  The bandits also kidnapped several passengers….”

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