Super-Charging the Spread of the Gospel with Mentoring

The passionate trainees have become passionate trainers. –Tim Mastenbrook Haitian Christian Foundation Chairman Tim Mastenbrook shared an exciting perspective on the Lord’s work in Haiti after traveling to Haiti for the graduation at the Center for Biblical Training: “The Graduation was another outstanding occasion – no question.  However, that’s not …

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Bringing New Hope to Kowos

Makenson Cherenfant left his isolated, mountain village three years ago to come to the Center for Biblical Training.  Makenson’s village, Kowos, is 9 hours from Cap Haitien—the last 5 hours on foot through the mountains!  He left a struggling group of believers in Kowos with only a basic grasp of …

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Where the Sixth Class of the CBT Calls Home

Haiti - Current CBT StudentsDavid Williams from Gold Hill Road church of Christ in Ft. Mill, South Carolina, worked with the CBT students on this map showing where they’re from in Haiti.  It’s great to get a real picture showing how far they’ve come to study together.  I’m especially pleased to see where Makenson places Koros–all I knew was that it was far beyond any town I’d ever heard of!