The Importance of the Truck

Why we need the truck

“Our truck at the Center for Biblical Training goes everywhere people can be reached by road in Haiti.

The truck is a material thing, but the effect of it has been very spiritual.  Students have been carried out almost every Wednesday to evangelize at different locations. Medical teams and visiting Christians from the U.S. have been carried on the vehicle for countless miles.  The safety of the students and all our visitors makes a reliable truck important.”

—Dale Huff, HCF Chairman

At the CBT, the truck carries food, fuel and drinking water for the students and visitors.

The truck carries the CBT students out for evangelization every week.

The truck is the link to village churches.  It takes a rugged vehicle to brave the bad roads and rough mountain terrain.

We Need Your Help

After six years of hard use and an accident, the big Mitsubishi truck that serves the school and visiting groups is no longer reliable. 

In spite of  several attempts to make major repairs, the truck can’t climb mountains and burns more than a quart of oil a day.  The frame is twisted.  The CBT needs a new, reliable truck again.  So many ministries depend on it!

We need your help to keep the CBT, gospel outreach and groups rolling.    We are counting on you!

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