Graduation of the 7th Class of the CBT

What Your Faithful Support Has Done…

You’ve helped forge another “Band of Brothers”

When you send in your check,
or stop to pray for the CBT,
or make sure your congregation knows the value of the work in Haiti…

You’ve helped shape and prepare more soldiers for the fight for the souls in Haiti.  It won’t be an easy battle.  Their faith will be challenged.  They will feel the weight of responsibility.  They may go hungry to feed the needy.

But the investment you’ve made in them for the past three years has given them a strong foundation in the Word of God.  They’ve sat at the feet of men who’ve walked the path before them.  They’ve been inspired by the dreams and successes of previous graduates.  They’ve learned to love and trust men from other villages and other countries.

Graduation was a great event.  Doug Reeves (the representative from Sunset International Bible Institute) and Sheryl Murrah’s group attended.

 Click here to read Fonrose’s report on graduation.


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