Graduate Maxis Pierre Antoine Dies

Maxis graduated from the first class of the CBT.  He preached for many years in Dondon.  Many remembered his upbeat attitude and gratitude.  Milton Eckhart, the director of his class, wrote this in memory of Maxis:

What I remember most about Maxi was his smile.
Was his laugh.
He was always cheerful.
Proverbs 15:13 tells us that A joyful heart makes a cheerful face, but when the heart is sad, the spirit
is broken. There was only one time in the three years that I lived with Maxi that I
saw him sad and not his normal cheerful self.

Maxi was always thankful. Always appreciative and grateful. Even when Maxi would come to ask me for something and he didn’t get what he wanted, he never showed disappointment. He would always thank me anyway.
Even though I was the director of the CBT, And I was there to teach the students and disciple and mentor my students, I was the one that that was learning from them. What I learned from Maxi was that no matter how difficult your circumstances are, you can always smile.

Lack of money…
Incredible and overwhelming needs that you may have…
Your family may have…
Your church may have…
Even being hungry…
You can always smile.
You can always be cheerful and grateful.
you can even laugh.

Maxi was a reminder that there will be no tears in heaven. Haiti is a sadder place without Maxi.   He was loved and he will be missed. May God welcome him into his loving arms.

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