Graduate Alain Darisse is Killed in an Accident

Our brother Alain Darisse graduated from the first class of the CBT and lived a life of quiet, faithful service to the Lord.  On December 28th, he was hit by a vehicle while standing in front of his house.  He leaves a widow and children.

Milton Eckhart, the first Director of the CBT, shared these thoughts about Alain:

He was a gentle and humble man who always had a smile on his face.  He never sought the spotlight, but he was a team player and got along with everyone.  I remember his sense of humor and his sensitive and loving heart.

In the 3 years we lived together at the CBT, he never complained, I never saw him angry or bitter, I never heard him gossip or talk poorly about anyone or anything.  As a student, he was cooperative, dependable, always pitched in to help, and always did his chores around the CBT without complaining.  Whenever he returned to the CBT from Port-au-Prince he would always bring me a gift.  He would call Thomas: “T-Thomas ” with a smile that I can still see today.

After his graduation, he proved to be trustworthy and had a strong faith.  He was compassionate, and he loved God.  After I moved back to the States, every time I would return to Haiti, Alain would come from Port-au-Prince to visit me and his fellow classmates (at his own expense) and stay the entire time (usually a week) we were there.

Derise was loved. He will be missed. May God welcome him into his loving arms.

Melissa Jung lived and worked at the CBT with the first class.   She shared these memories of Alain:

Alain had a gentle spirit with a heart of gold.  He loved his family and was so proud of his children.  He lived and worked to make sure his family and members of the church was taken care of.

After the earthquake, he came to visit us in Cap only to see if we could help him with a small micro loan for his members.  He had names of each family, what they would be good at, how much each family would need to start a small business, and when the loan will be paid back.  In explaining all this, I want to illustrate that Alain didn’t do things half-hazard, but he put much effort in everything he did.

All these years in living and going to Haiti, Alain and only few others have never asked for money or gift of anything, which says a lot about him.  He served many of his classmates by housing them including their children while going to school in Port-au-Prince.  He was caring and generous to his friends.

Larry Waymire is the American Director of the International Institute of Theology, a preacher-training school in Port au Prince.  He worked with Alain through the school.  He shared these thoughts about Alain:

A good name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth. Ecc. 7:1

Brother Derisse Alain departed this world today, December 28, 2017.  He was involved in an accident near his home.  He was a gospel preacher, teacher, husband, father and a friend to many throughout Haiti.  He was the local evangelist at the Christ-Roi Church of Christ.

Brother Alain was heavily involved with the relief efforts after the earthquake of 2010.  He was a carpenter by trade and in this way, provided for his family.  He also built all the windows for the new facilities at the International School of Theology in Haiti.

Brother Alain was one of the five Haitian teachers at IST.  In 2016, he was added to the faculty.  When we first asked men to teach, we had no money to pay them.  I told them it will truly have to be a labor of love.  He was one of the first to volunteer and said, “I am here to serve God”.  Brother Alain loved teaching the courses on the Life of Christ, from the gospels.  He was loved by his fellow teachers and the students.

He planted the church in Christ-Roi and served as the local evangelist for many years. He served the church without pay and supported his family as a carpenter.  Please remember his family and the congregation in your prayers.

I will truly miss Brother Alain as he was a dear friend and brother in Christ. He was a humble-spirited man who never complained, even though life was rough at times. He had a good name in his community and was loved by many. While we are saddened by his departure, we rejoice in our hearts because he is now in Paradise with his Lord.

Larry has established a Go Fund Me page for donations to assist Alain’s widow.  Click here to learn more and make a donation.

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