Covid and Inflation: A Disaster for Haiti

From CBT American Director David Dirrim:

“A while back, we considered sending funds to Haiti to purchase masks but decided to wait and see if more pressing needs developed.  I think perhaps that time has arrived.  The Covid problem seems to be in full swing in Haiti at the moment.  Numbers of reported cases and deaths have increased substantially in the last couple of weeks, and they do not seem to even begin to reflect the actual reality of things. That, combined with inflation, is making the situation very difficult for many.”


From Haiitan Director Rodney Richard:

“Truly, I’ve never seen anything like this.  The prices of products go up every morning.”


We hope to send food relief as soon as possible to each of our graduates, the current students, and our staff (93 people).

Rice + two measures of beans + 1 gallon oil + a little for tomato paste and canned meat = $55 US per family

Here is a link to our latest newsletter for more details. 

Please pray for Haiti!

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