The Eighth Class of the Center for Biblical Training

The 8th Class of the Center for Biblical Training began in March 2019.











Jean Andre Saint Fleur

Jean Andre is 40 years old.  He is from Dondon, and he has been preaching for the congregation since Maxis Pierre Antoine died.  He is an accountant.  He is another student who speaks some English.











Youvens Jean-Giles

Youvens is 24 years old.  He was born in Port au Prince, and he lived there until after the earthquake.  He and his parents became Christians after the earthquake.  They had family in Au-Borgne and moved there.  He is from Moise Toussaint’s congregation in Madeline and plans to return there after graduation.











Sobert St-Dic

Sobert is from Marigot, near Jacmel, the South East zone of Haiti.  He is 25 years old.  He works with computers, both teaching classes and maintaining the school computers.











Vernald Berna

Vernald is from the Ranquitte area.  He works with graduate Edouard St. Clervil.  He is 29 years old and single.  He has been a primary-school teacher.  His father, Bernard Andrima, is also a preacher.











Enock Marcely

Enock is 24 years old.  He was born in St. Michel.  He is an artist who paints signs, makes soaps and creams, and works with leather.  He teaches classes in these arts.  He comes from the Hertz congregation.











Samuel Berna

Samuel is from Dumas.  He is 27 years old and single.  He has been part of Bible-study group and fledgling congregation in Dumas.  After his conversion, he taught his parents, and they also became Christians.











Marckendy Daniel

Marckendy is from Caramel, south of Gonaives, in the Marchand Dessaline area of Haiti.  He is 25 years old and single.  He is a tailor.  He works with graduate Daniel Alexandre in the Caramel congregation.











Diophene Irone

Diophene is from Trou du Nord and worked with graduate Enoc Dumorne.  He is 25 years old.  He speaks some English.











Obenson Colas

Obenson is from Lory in the Bahon area and worked with Mompremier Jocelyn.  He is 22 years old.











Jocelyn Jean-Bien-Aime

Jocelyn was born in Grand Riviere.  He became a Christian in Cap Haitien.  His wife Blaise Gilaine is from Grand Bassin, and he started a congregation there in 2016.  He is 41 years old.  He has three sons, ages 14, 15. and 16.











David Bien-Aime

David is from Hinche and worked with graduate Bellot Calice.  He is 30 years old and single.  He is teacher, teaching primary school and tutoring secondary-school students.





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