CBT Directors

David Dirrim is the CBT American Director for the eighth class of the CBT.  He also served as CBT Director for part of the second class, and the third and fourth classes.  David and his family lived in Haiti for ten years.


Teogene Fonrose

Fonrose is a graduate of Jamaica School of Preaching.  He has started three congregations:  Galman, Lamoliere and Cadouche.  He has a tender, servant heart.  He is passionate about working as an evangelist like the Apostle Paul.  Starting with the 8th class, Fonrose will devote more of his time to mentoring students and graduates and will have a reduced class load.

Jackie is a graduate of the third class of the CBT.  He preaches for the Galman congregation.  In addition to his teaching duties, Jackie take over Bellot’s role overseeing Maintenance and Grounds.

Richard is a graduate of the second class of the CBT.  He preaches for the Peltan congregation.  In addition to teaching, he works extensively with American groups.

From left to right, Richard, Fonrose, David, Bellot (at his retirement as a CBT director) and Jackie, our newest director.



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